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Hello there everyone, today is Wednesday and that means another post about health or fitness. Today I'll be writing about a product that I got sent and was very very eager to try. The product is known as the Liquid breakfast drink made by Fuel Your 10K.

The first thing that anyone who has seen this product would notice is the incredibly awesome design, its eye catching to say the least, with its eye print and the words 'FUEL 10K' emblazoned on it, you just can't help but feel energised. Definitely a good design choice. This product comes in a couple of different flavours. I was sent the Chocolate, Vanilla and Caffe Latte variants. As well as these there also are Strawberry and Banana flavours. Another cool little design feature I like is the little paragraph they have on the back of the product (The picture below). I like this because it shows that you do need to work at something to become the best at it and this drink can help energise you for whatever that is.

Taste wise all of these products are brilliant and do taste great, my favourite out of the three that I got was the chocolate, probably because I do like chocolate alot. The great thing about this product is that it can be used as either a liquid breakfast or as a pre/post workout drink, obviously using it as a pre/post workout drink would be more beneficial for the person using it. When I used it around 20 minutes before working out it gave me a good energy rush that allowed me to workout harder than what I normally would have, when I had just this product for breakfast it did sustain me for a long time and i neither felt hungry or sluggish, I felt ready. Another upside is the fact that they are so cheap, last time I checked in the supermarket these were £1 each, that's a really good price! I would prefer drinking these to say buying some whey protein powder and having to make my own because you can get so many flavours and switch them up whereas when you buy some protein powder you've just spent upwards of £25-£30 and stuck with one flavour.

I would definitely recommend this product to any person who is doing something that is physically strenuous, whether you are a pro athlete or a businessman, whatever your job, your walk of life, if you need an energy kick or a quick fix, this a great product to have stocked in your fridge. If you would like to purchase some then head over to the FuelYour10K website which is linked at the bottom and have a look at all of their great products

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