5 Easy Ways to Make Money

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Hi today its a bit of a random post that strays away from my current schedule but hey, It keeps it interesting right? haha anyway, for this post today, i'll be talking about 5 easy ways to make some extra money. Now this post has been brought on by me somewhat struggling for money (for a bit) recently, this made me think what could I do to get that extra bit of cash.

1. Sell all your old games
The first port of call for me was to sell all of my old games that I dont play or use anymore, but you get little to no money I hear you say, while this may be true, If you have loads (which I did) I got a good £20-£30 from them alone, and lets face it, if you arent playing the games anymore then why let them gather dust when you can just get some money for them!!!

2. Blogging (who would've thought?)
haha now this one is kind of obvious, I mean sometimes the right sponsored post opportunity post comes at the right time and well saves your bacon, why not make some extra money on the side? from what I gather from other blogs most would love to have their own blogs make some proper money and allow them to do it as a career, sometimes its alright to make a few odd bit of money here and there just to tide you over to next payday.

3. Sell/Scrap your car
Now I have heard that doing this can get you (again) some extra pounds, I don't drive (yet) but would love to one day and if I was really in dire need fir it would do it, There are a good few companies that will sell you car for you so you know, why not, cars can be quite costly things, on the other hand you could scrap it. scrapping is a short process but does yield some results (see pic below)

Infographic by CJ Metals

4. Sell some designs online
With the internet being so prominent in our lives,  you can literally start a business from nothing and the same can be said for designs or graphics, if you've got the following and the skills why not just offer them out there charging a small fee? even those who aren't big photoshop nerds can benefit from this as some people would just like a more contemporary styled basic graphic that don't require to much skill to make. Some of my designs are below, need one made? feel free to contact me!

5. Teach Music
Now if you play an instrument, why not tutor some people, not only will this allow you to improve but it will also allow you to make that extra little bit of cash on the  sides, obviously some things like guitar and bass are easier to teach as they can be taken everywhere whereas something like drums is harder(but can still be done, I have been told countless times by my girlfriend to do this, one day I may actually take her up on this.

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