Do diets really work?

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Well in sure we've all at some point seen some form of diet on the internet or in magazines and although all of them boast incredible "weight loss" and have different customer anecdotes of how successful they were, is it really true and can we really trust them. I'm here to talk about my own personal views on diets and just general weight loss in general.

Now there are a variety of diets out there ranging from ones that can help to tone you up or to help lose that belly fat for that 'summer body', basically if you can think of a part of your body there is probably a diet for it. Most diets that I have seen are all over magazines and have some form of celeb who has lost x amount of weight due to it, while true they may have lost all of the weight I can almost promise it’s not due to restricting some food, its due to them getting up and exercising which is what most diets don't tell you, diet is defined as 

"A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons."

So yes in this sense the three mentioned above are great diets and should be followed because they will help, the thing that you may not know is that once you have completed the diet or come off of it you are generally more than likely to put the weight back on or relapse and just go back to old ways. Now this isn’t to say that every single person will as some people don’t but there is a high chance that some people will and as a result of this beat themselves up more about their own weight and just end up giving up. 

Now I’ve always been a firm believer of if you want something go and get it and I can’t think of a better time to use this. If you want to get fit get off your backside and work for it. You do not need a diet to do it, yes it may be the go to way or the first thing people think about when they think of losing weight, but why would you want to restrict yourself of foods that you like and love, most diets ive heard of incorporate a 'sin' system in which foods like chocolate and things that may not be as healthy for you as seen as 'sins' and you are only allowed like 3 or 4 a week. Through my own journey of fitness and losing weight I have found by just altering my portion sizes and actually doing some exercise have benefited me more than that of say a diet, 

The recipe for weight loss is easy. Most people think its exercise, exercise and more exercise, this is false, exercise a factor but it’s also the food that you eat, cutting out crap like burgers and food high in saturated fats and sugar can lead to great drops in size. So if you are thinking about starting a new diet then try and think about all of your other options that won’t restrict you, try altering your portions and just doing some exercise rather than undertaking a new fad diet just because some celebrity has done it.


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