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Who doesn't love a game centered around such an awesome character, Abe's Oddysee is a a game released in September 19th 2997 as part of the Oddworld series, the main game follows the protagonist Abe on his journey through oddworld to save his mudokon brethren from the 'rupture farms' factory as they have been enslaved and soon to be slaughtered. The game is a puzzle platformer and has some a awesome feel to it with some great comical parts and some interesting puzzle that will confuse.

My earliest memory of this game is on a demo disc, I remember watching the opening video and instantly feeling sorry for Abe, he is a very well designed character and he is easily relatable and you feel for him. If you have not seen this opening then feel free to watch below.

Feel for him? I know as a kid I sure did, Anyway as soon as I had started playing the game I loved everything about it. The art style the mechanics of the game, one awesome thing you can do is take control of an enemy using Abes mind powers and literally do what you want with them, then when you finish with them, they just combust, as a kid, seeing this was awesome. For nostalgia purposes I have recently purchased this game on steam as I heard of a HD remake and just had to play it again (even if it was with sub par graphics), I don't have many criticisms of this game, but one would be that as a kid playing the game it was a tiny bit to hard for me, whether that's the case now we will have to see (hopefully not) but then again the game wasn't made for kids so yeah I get that.

Like all of my games from the past I will try to do a playthrough of it at some point so keep up to date with that, I usually will post about all of my upcoming stuff on my twitter and occasionaly on my Facebook page, if you need to check them out then take a look at my Contact Me page.

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