How healthy are the salads at McDonalds?

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 For my post today I thought I would dive into the world of the fast food and talk about the salads at mcdonalds. Over the years I have heard countless time that the salads at maccies are so bad for you, basically I am here to debunk this myth. now let me start off by saying that I do work at Mcdonalds and do see what goes on behind the scenes and its really not as bad as people make it out to be. There is no pink gunk that gets made into nuggets or anything like that.

Now I don't know where the myth of salads being worse for you than the burgers started off but I can say that currently in england this is not the case, I've spoke to many people who think this. its as you would expect it, the salads are actually one of the healthiest things you can eat. My favourite out of all of the salads is the grilled Chicken Salad, this is what I eat everyday or whenever i'm working. This salad only weighs in at 124 calories and even with the dressing this only adds 24 calories on top. Another upside of this salad is that you know what is in it. Its literally iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and chicken (grilled or crispy), what could be better than this. In my own opinion and experience I have lost more weight while working at mcdonalds than that of when I was at home eating whatever I wanted, kinda ironic right, I work in the place that is probably responsible for so much obesity in the world and have managed to lose weight.

There are so many different healthy alternatives to the burgers, instead of going into maccies and having a Big Mac meal, why not choose a salad or a wrap with a fruit bag and some water, all of these alternatives cost around the same price and taste better in my opinion than some of the burgers. Some people will blame the fast food business for their own weight gain but I don't think this is the case, they made the decision to eat the unhealthy food at the place and chose to ignore the healthier options. Sure there is urges to just give in and eat the unhealthier option, but you have to be strong and say no to them, what will your body like more?


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