How my music taste has developed over the years

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For my post today I thought that I would write about something that I love. That is music. Now I have always listened to music all throughout my young years and I thought that I would share how my love for music started and has managed to branch off into so many different directions.

Now I can say that I got my love for music from my father, As a young child I was always around music thanks to him. he is the reason that I love music, so thanks dad! Now he would always play stuff he loved (which was mainly classic rock) and some other stuff from time to time. From a young age I had always loved rock n roll and couldn't help but love a good guitar solo. I remember I used to have this little double neck electric guitar that had pre-recorded shred stuff on, I used to pretend to be a little rockstar haha (it was orange tiger stripe as well), I loved rock simple enough, stuff like The Beatles, The Doors, Madness, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd etc . When I was nearing the end of my primary school days, everyone in my class was listening to rap so inevitably I went on and followed. I remember thinking I was so cool listening to these rap artists, this was general rap stuff like 50 cent, Eminem  and Dr Dre.

This was really only a little phase for me because once I had left primary school and started Secondary school I started to develop my own idea of what I should listen. I started to take guitar lessons and having listened to rock for so many years this really helped, but as my skills developed I found myself wanting to learn more complicated things on guitar, as I searched online I found my way to a youtube video for "nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold, as I listened to it for the first time I was instantly blown away by how evil music and guitars could sound, I had never experienced this before, the dual guitar solos, the vocals everything was just so fresh and brilliant. For this point on I went on and delved into the world of various metal subgenres and really just found my love for everything metal.

Not long after I started to attend sixth form and undertook a music A Level, I started to really appreciate Classical music and operatic music, this was solely due to having to analyse so much of this music, it showed me that all music didn't have to be so dark and "typically" written (verse - chorus - verse -bridge - outro), it opened my eyes to amazing pieces of music with intricacies that were just unbelievable and just amazing to listen to. to this day I would happily listen to an full orchestral piece while relaxing.

Now to this current day I can happily say I have an eclectic music taste that spans from music such as opera pieces like 'Peter Grimes' to the heaviest of black metal, basically I love everything and can appreciate all forms of music, it's truly is the greatest thing around.


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