My favourite stunts in films

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Now everyone who watches any form of action film, know of these moments in the film, where the main character will defy all odds and do some real awesome shizzle and just be plain awesome, after starting to watch 24 again (i'm a huge fan, and have seen every episode like 15 times over), well watching jack bauer time after time be the awesome agent that he is, it got me thinking about other stunts in films that are memorable and I can call of the top of my head, while this wont be a top 10 or whatever it will be just a piece about stunts that I can think of haha! For a quick summary of some awesome stunts, heres a little infographic from Into The Blue  which highlights some well known stunts

Heres the article

well the first major stunt that I think is awesome is not even a stunt (well kinda) it just stuck out in my head when I thought of this post, its in 24(huh, who wouldve thought) its at the partway through season 6, its basically SPOILER ALERT! when Jack kills Abu Fayed and does so in such a way it just brilliant, after a well choreographed fighting scene jack chokes him on some garage chains and he hangs him, when he does this he references his brother in hell (as jack killed him some years before) just plain awesome stuff from CTU's best.

Another great stunt that comes to mind is the crane fight scene in Casino Royale, this scene makes me feel sick everytime I watch it, not only is it brilliantly shot but again the choreography is immense! and the fact that the whole fight scene is made more awesome by the fact that the two actors are suspended incredibly high in the air just adds to the sheer brilliance of this scene and stunt and makes it more great.

When writing this post I discovered another scene that I wasn't aware of that is just to crazy not to have on here, its from Live and Let Die and its when Bond must escape from the crocodile farm, basically he steps on some crocodiles to get across the river and escape, yeah nothing quite special regarding this, but I read that the crew used actual real life crocodiles for this and that the double just went ahead and just jumped on them four times before finally being filmed on the fifth, you wouldn't get me doing that!! for any sort of money!!

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