My Fitness Journey - Week 1

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Hello people reading my post, well this week I finally started my fitness journey properly and am hoping to commit to this properly, first a little backstory to me and my ever-changing weight. Back in the day when I was around 15/16, I was quite a chubby little dude, I would guess I was around 13-14 stone (I didn't care how heavy I was so I didn't see the need to weigh myself), basically I wasn't that active and just ate a bunch of rubbish, then I started to play football everyday, this did help me lose some weight, my weight went up and down from there until I recently started to take my health seriously, it was when about 4 months ago when I stepped on the scales and saw that I weighed 11st 7Ib, that shocked me into waking to better myself, so I went straight into the AppStore and found a brilliant little app called 'fitstar', this allowed me to find specific workouts based on what I wanted to do, lose fat.

Well the first week of this app has actually been pretty good, once getting the premium subscription I immediately changed to the program based on fat burning, this allows me 4 sessions of high intensity cardio work on short bursts, brilliant!! It revolves around just making your body move, boxer bounces, running in place, star jumps etc it really does get your heart rate up. Generally I like to keep a schedule so everyday I will wake up, get changed and do some weight training to wake me up, after this I eat my breakfast (protein based breakfasts by FuelYour10K) then go to work, once I get home I do my main fitstar workout, after this ill eat dinner. At this current moment in time I weigh 10st 7Ib but my goal weight is around 9 and a half, but hey I'll keep this thing updated with my weekly stuff


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