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Good morning/good afternoon/good evening, where ever you are and whatever time, hello. If you have been following my blog recently you will know that every wednesday I do a post about a product or something to do with fitness, well this week it falls on a product from Fuel Your 10K, The product in question is the ProtiBrick!

Like all of the other products I have mentioned this product packs a great protein and fibre punch, one that is really needed for fuel throughout the day. The first thing I noticed about this product compared to various others like weetabix, is the actual size of the blocks, the Protibricks are a lot smaller and more square, this does allow them to fit into smaller bowls. Taste-wise they do not differ from other breakfasts that are the same, the upside though is that these do contain the added protein and fibre. I have found that when I have eaten these after my morning workout that I will not be hungry untill around a bit after midday, considering i'll eat breakfast at around 7 or 8 this sustains me for the rest of the morning and some of the day. One thing I do like about these are the fact that you are given a blank canvas of sorts to add to. If you wanted to increase the healthiness of these, you could add some fruit or some yogurt and just make it your own breakfast with the added health kicks. One of my personal favourites is adding peanut butter to it, with peanut butter being high in protein this just sends it through the roof and after a hard workout I can promise your body will love you (after all its what the body needs to repair muscles). The peanut butter adds a slightly stickier texture to the brick and just really does make it taste a whole deal better but you could add so many other things like bananas, melons, yoghurt, flax seeds anything. Its entirely up to you. I would definitely see myself buying this product again, as I do prefer it over other alternatives

(I do know my picture does'nt look that appetizing but I can promise they taste brilliant!)

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