Ways to keep motivated for losing weight

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Hello people, I've decided to write this post because I personally know how hard it can be to stay motivated when trying to workout and lose weight, there are various ways to keep motivated when working out, it is very much a mental battle as it is a physical battle. Mentally you must be strong, if your mind gives up then so will your body and you will not get the results that you want, I'm picking my favourite ways of motivating myself to work out and keep at it.

What you wear!
My first way to keep motivated is incredibly simple, stick on some workout clothes whether that be some shorts and a vest or some trackies and some trainers just put something on, you are more inclined to do an activity you associate to certain clothes, than if you weren't wearing them. this is called "Enclothed Cognition", The term was created in 2012 and was based off of a study, read the study here. It just goes to show that the mind really does have a massive part of it.

Stick to a schedule
Another good way to keep motivated is to stick to a schedule, for me this is an important one. Personally I have my own schedule in which I follow everyday and just adjust some times to cope with my changing schedule, keeping a schedule not only helps you to become more regimented, but also allows your body to know when to get ready for the workouts and exercises, you'll lose more weight doing regimented schedule workouts rather than sporadic workouts throughout the day. My schedule consists of Waking up, working my Chest/Arms then eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, working abs then eating dinner. Schedule in my opinion is important.

Keep visually motivated
The next point is another easy one, its to stay visually motivated, this could be in many forms it could be having two jars and switched rocks from one to the other for every pound lost or visualising what you would like yourself to look like and really focus on this, these both increase the drive inside of you and make you want the result more making you to just want it more and thus work harder. I tend to just spend hours looking on twitter at fitness pages and look at all of the motivational stuff, it really does help me keep in my mind what I want to achieve as a result.

Workout with a friend
The last point I'll talk about is to work out with a friend, this is another really great tip. Working out with a friend allows both of you to compete with each other and best each other in being better. it will not only motivate you but also motivate the other person. you could both just speak to each other while exercising and forget that you're actually working out, distract yourself to make it easier.

Whoever you are and whatever your goals are you have to remember that you will reach your goal, it may take time, it may be hard, but you'll be happy when you get there, You can do it, and you will succeed, stay strong and make that workout count!!

Got any fitness tips? feel free to comment them below!!


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