Common misconceptions with weight loss

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Today I thought i'd talk about some common mistakes or myths that some people come across while attempting to lose weight. Now i'm sure everyone at some point in their life has tried to lose weight, whether that be a few pounds or a few stone, whatever it has been or is, you probably have come to a point where you might not be seeing the results you were hoping for. I know this personally as there have been times where I was incredibly focused with exercise but saw no change.

The first tip or common mistake people make is to just exercise alot and not anything else. Yes while exercising alot is important, its not the only thing that should be important to you. To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit within your body, this is basically losing more calories than you put into your body, now this doesn't mean eating nothing and just exercising, you will see results if you just cut down on calories and increase your workouts a bit, an example would be if you ate 1500 calories a day and burnt off 2000 then you have a 500 calorie deficit.

Another thing on eating is to eat clean! this one is important! probably the hardest part of losing weight is cutting out all of the rubbish that you have been eating, Eating foods high in saturated fats and full of chemicals will never do anything great for your body and in the long run will just make you hungrier as they produce chemicals in your brain that make you want more, eating various vegetables and fruit and food high in fibre take longer to digest thus making you feel fuller for longer, it is a very hard step to take but I promise of you cut out the rubbish food and start eating healthier and cleaner you will see some changes in your body, not only this I can guarantee, you will feel a lot better about stuff generally.

Portion size! Yes this also counts, if you aren't losing weight and are working out hard just try reducing the portion of your meals slightly, instead of eating say 2 beef burgers (homemade with lean mince obviously) try just having one and fill up on salad. it is hard to get into a schedule of doing things like this but once you do you will definitely want to persevere

One that I found that I was doing was eating aimlessly, we all do it and most of the time we dont actually realise we are, I would always eat sandwiches, those were the one thing it was really hard to cut down on, I would always have like 3 or 4 a day, not only did this add extra pointless calories, but it really didn't make me full or anything, I just did it out of habit.

These are obviously some points out of many but losing weight is not just something you can just do, it does take some work and you have to realise it will benefit you in the long run so why not do it? you can do it, believe in yourself and you'll be able to succeed.


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