Little rant about scammers and the such

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Well today me and Olivia (Dungarees and Donuts) watched a documentary about scammers, this one documentary opened up my eyes to all of the ways that we can be scammed. As we become ever more dependant on technology the opportunities for scams increase, there are so many innocent people out there who believe that they are protected and will not be scammed but he harsh reality is that these people are prime targets as they are easy to get money from.

The show highlighted some really ingenious ways in which scammers can go about stealing your money, one included installing a keylogger on someones computer then seeing that they wanted to sell a house and pretending to be there lawyer and being the 'middle man' for the money, then running off with the money. Pretty sneaky right!? This woman lost almost £50,000, its sad because this could've been avoided by simply not downloading the keylogger which was probably sent in a link that she clicked on, so people when you are told not to download stuff from links in email, really don't because you don't know whats being installed on your own PC.

One other scam really upset me, long story short there was a woman who had an injury and thus had suffered from a neurological disease and needed help from then on with everyday things, and it turned out one of her 'friends' and carers had been stealing money when she was away and using her bank card to steal money from her bank account, what this woman did was set up cameras and stuff like you'd find here She then told the police, but the emotional trauma she had been put through really did show, seeing this actually really annoyed me and made me angry.

Person reading this don't be stupid when it comes to scams we may all get stupid ones from our far relatives who have 500 gold bars for us but some scams are quite clever and if you're not careful you could be caught out by one! stay safe online!


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