Nusound Bundle

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Well hello there people, very recently I got in touch with a company called nusound acoustics and they sent me out some products to review!! They make a whole host of things and I was really excited to receive these products and couldnt wait to write this review, they sent me out three of their main line products and one which was an accessory pack.


This little watch is amazing, the Nuband activ+ is a activity and sleep tracker, this was the main product that I was waiting for as I had heard about these products alot and had seen loads in catalogues and on tv. this little gadget can do so much, it can track your sleep, track your calories, track your steps motivate you to your desired goal and a whole host more. It has a companion app as well so you can see all your data on your phone. The actual interface is really easy to navigate with just one button for all settings. you can get to everything really easily, I have had some problems with this but none so bad that I cant use it, the smart alarm feature I have found doesn't work, whether that is a syncing problem or not, basically you set the alarm on an app through bluetooth butt sometimes it doesn't sync so you cant actually set the alarm, if this were to be fixed it would be awesome.

Nusound Wireless Headphones 

I didn't expect these and was gladly surprised when these arrived in my little package, I was looking for a new set of headphones because my apple earpods had broken, as soon as I tried these for the first time I was pleasantly surprised with how great they feel, not too heavy or light and not too big or small, perfect fit for my head, these are wireless so once I had synced them up to my iphone I was ready to go, the range on these headphones is awesome, I can leave my phone in my room and go outside and still have a connection. another handy thing is that if the headphones have run out of battery (for wireless) then a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack is sent with it so you can use them like normal headphones (but why would you want that). all in all great headphones!


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