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Well hello there! thanks for popping by and actually reading, it means alot to even know that one person has taken the time to read my ramblings, so thanks a bunch. Soppy intro's over i'd like to get to the important part of the post, today i thought I would bring to light one of my new favourite apps that I have been using recently and dub it my 'APP OF THE WEEK'.

My new app of the week is Googles Authenticator app, now I am big on security so this app just played right into my hands (haha! funny not funny), but yes this app is brilliant, the basic premise of it is that for each  account you add you get a secure number that changes every 60 seconds I believe. So that means that say for instance that someone is trying to get into your twitter account, if you have this app then they must have the ever changing number for that account and tap it in. brilliant but so so simple.

This idea of security is known as Two Step Verification, and many major apps have implemented this into there account verification, if you are a huge security buff and are looking to secure your accounts then this is a great way to do this. All you need to do is go into your app settings and check the Two Step Verification' button then link it to the app. Thats it for today, again thanks a bunch for checking this post out and I hope you had a good read.

Got any Apps that you think I should review or any comments in general? feel free to leave them below!


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