The Dangers of fizzy drinks!

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Everyone loves fizzy drinks, they taste great, easy to get and are cheap. Are they really that good for you though? But what if I told you that that sprite zero you just drank or that coke zero you may have in the fridge might not actually be as good for you as you may think.

I'm sure everyone knows the amount of sugar in regular fizzy drinks? no, you don't? well im here to shed some light on that. Lets take the two soft drink behemoths Coke and Fanta find out how much sugar is in these drinks, after looking online I found out that added sugars should not make up more 
than 5% of our energy in a day, so thats around 30 grams per day. now the scary thing is that after a bit more research online I found out that one can of Coke has 33 grams of sugar in it!! Thats all of your recommended sugar intake in one! if that doesn't worry you then think that there are people out there who drink a couple of cans a day, what happens to sugar when we consume too much of it, we have a higher chance of diseases like diabetes!

If the last paragraph has not scared you to the point of not drinking a fizzy drink again then let my next try and help you, me personally have stopped drinking fizzy drinks and only tend to drink water mainly, since cutting out sugary laden drinks I have noticed a great change I feel alot more energetic. Another upside is that it does help you to lose weight. All that added weight could be lost by substituting that fanta or that coke for some water, even just drinking half a can and increasing water intake can have such positive effects on you, but to feel these effects you have to try it! its worth it in the end, its your body and its staying with you for you whole life, you might as well look after it!!

Agree with me? Disagree? either way comment below and stay awesome!!


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