The Talk Talk Hacker

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Today as I was working I happen to come across a newspaper, normally I pay no attention to newspapers because im just not a very 'news-y' person, but when I saw the headline about this young 15 year old boy who had apparently hacked talk talk I was instantly intrigued, I was instantly put off by this article because straight off from the outset this newspaper blamed 'violent' games as the culprit of this.

This argument has happened many many times and probably will in the future but I would just like to put my views out there on games' influence on us and how it relates to this story. First I would really like to know how the editors have connected these two things (games and hacking a major phone company) in the article they describe the boy as a person who stays inside all day and plays violent video games all day, its not like he went online and found a member of Lulsec or Anonymous and instantly decided to hack Talk Talk, he probably was just on google and just read alot about hacking from whatever and just put that information into practice. If anything this should reiterate to so many people and companies that you cant just have some flimsy security systems or policies in place because to be honest they just wont stand and if a 15 year old can then anyone can. 

 if he does okay games why does this matter? what connection does this have? it doesn't does it, its just used so they can paint a picture and make us judge this boy. I do not agree with what this boy has done but to label games as the main reason is terrible, when games are always discussed its always the bad side that is in the media forefront, mainly GTA but what many people fail to see is the good in games, I've played games for all my life and never have I wanted to hack or do anything bad due to what I learnt in these games! its a stupid outdated argument that most of the time is argued by the older generations who wouldn't know what tetris was if it hit them in the face, games are everywhere, phones, tablets, consoles, computers its the future and its not going anywhere.


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