What terrible weather

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What terrible weather we have been having, when I originally planned to do random posts on sunday I never thought that I would be doing one on weather but hey ho, this week the weather has been atrocious so I thought why not have a little rant about it on here haha.

The main thing I hate about this weather is not the fact that it rains continuously or that its blisteringly cold, its the fact that the wind is flipping strong and annoying, like seriously the amount of times this week I have nearly been blown over just due to the wind, I could happily deal with it if it was just sheer cold, this way I have a reason to come home and have some soup or tea or chocolate or anything, you know what I mean. there's ways to combat it, but when it comes to mr wind nope you just have to carry on and let that sucker ruin my perfectly good hair and make my face even colder, so when I said that this was a rant about weather, that probably wasn't honest of me, its more a rant about the wind and how much I hate wind, pretty funny coming from a guy who mainly talks about fitness and food but oh well, I really would hate to be in a hurricane, that would make my blood boil!

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