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Well hello there people! I'm now back and writing all my posts again and hopefully keeping my blog up to date and stuff! so today I thought i'd kick off with my newest app of the week! Now for all of you fitness freaks out there and just general healthy people, this is one for you! the app in question is the wonderful MyFitnessPal.

What this app offers is great, you simply put in your weight, how much you would like to weigh and if you're looking to lose weight or gain it and then it will give you a daily amount of calories that you can eat, once you've got this (mine being around 2000 calories) you can scan in all of the food you eat and it will take it off allowing you to see how many calories you have left for the day. Another handy feature is the fact that you can scan the barcode off of all the food you find so adding food you eat is really simple! You can see all of the nutrition data for all of the food you have eaten for the day and even set up the macronutrient goals for yourself which is really awesome for the properly health conscious.

The GUI is easily set out into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so that you can easily input meals. When you have finished you complete the entry for that day and it wil give you an estimate based on that days calories, for instance it will say "if you ate this much food everyday, you will lose x amount of weight in x weeks". a very nice addition indeed. Some other handy features of this app is the fact that it does connect up with so many other apps on your phone so for instance im an avid user of Fitstar and once synced up all my workouts add onto my overall calories for that day, another good thing is that the pedometer on your phone also links up and adds calories to MFP!

Basically this app in my opinion is great and really does deserve a download from you if you are into your fitness or just if you are into keeping healthy and making sure you eat within your own boundaries.

if you like this app or have another that you would like me to talk about please comment below!


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