The power of water

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As an avid fitness enthusiast and all-round healthy eater I thought that today I would give you some advice on something that is already accessible to mostly everyone and can really help everyone feel good and help you in everyday life and mostly importantly is cheap as chips. What is this magical elixir, surely there's nothing that can be this beneficial and free? well I'm here to tell you that there is something, you know that stuff that your body is mostly made out of? yes the thing represented by the chemical name H20, water.

Now everyone knows from a young age that out body is made up of mostly water, so why in this day and age do we starve our bodies of what we actually are made of? Theres a real heap of benefits that can come from drinking water, how many of this can honestly say that you drink enough water everyday? not many people do, but why should we? what does water actually do to our bodies? well sit down and get ready to want to go grab a glass of water!!

Well the first thing that I have found online that I feel to be really interesting is that drinking more water can actually help aid weight loss, various scientific studies have found that when people were drinking water before a meal that they would lose more weight than those that had not, pretty impressive right! need to lose a couple of pounds drink a bit more and it might actually happen!

Another really interesting fact is that it can help to improve moods, now its said that keeping hydrated can actually perk us up when we are feeling down, I might go on like a 5 day course and see what happens when I drink water and if I feel any happier?

Water really is such a great source and it really gets to me when I have experienced people who would rather go for some stupid fizzy drink over water, I think people really dont know the benefits of water and if they did then they might consider drinking more of this wonderful stuff! You the person reading please go and drink a glass of water right now, i promise you your body will thank you later!

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