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So very recently I got sent some products from a company known as Ufit, as the name suggests they are a company that makes high protein based drinks and as soon as I found out about them I instantly wanted to work with them, as a massive fitness freak this product just seemed to go hand in hand with my lifestyle at the moment.

The people at Ufit were nice enough to send me 16 bottles of their high protein milkshakes. They sent me over two individual flavours ( chocolate and strawberry), my initial thought of the packaging was quite good, it wasn't overloaded with rubbish that you don't need to know, only the bits you do need to know. so that fact that it has 22g of protein in it. yep thats right 22g of protein! as any person who works out knows, what is the main nutrient you need after breaking down your muscles and causing microtears? yep you guessed it, the magical compound that is protein, and this is packed full of it.

Out of the two flavours that I was sent the chocolate one was my preferred flavour, it iterally tasted like a normal milkshake which is a plus, I mostly drink this drink straight after my workout as my main source of protein, I have tried it before working out and found that my actual performance improved to that of which when I hadn't. Basically this is a great product for any person looking to improve their fitness and build muscle. Personally I have targeted my upper body and abs as my main focus. While drinking this shake, eating clean, and working out everyday, I have seen a vast improvement in my own muscles.

To conclude this is a great product that can be used for the elite athlete or the starter gym go-er, whatever your level go purchase some Ufit drinks and give your muscles that TLC that they need after working them to their maximum!

For the full range of Ufit drinks check out their website below


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