My top 3 gadgets

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Today I thought instead of tying myself down to a certain topic or series' I thought I would just go through my favourite pieces of gadgetry that I use everyday and why they are my favourites, so in some sense like a 'whats in my bag' but in the techy way haha anyway on to my first gadget.

1. Iphone 5s
Now like so many young people,  I couldn't live without my phone, I have grown up with them and now it holds so much for me in terms of passing time and stuff that I always carry it with me, I'm sure most people reading this will actually be within arms distance of their own phones? basically I use my phone for everything from gaming to setting alarms to music to planning workouts, it is a scary thought to think that I trust so much to my phone but hey its real handy to have everything there in my pocket ready for me.

2. Spotify
Now my next piece of gadgetry is an app SHOCK HORROR! This is definitely the app I use the most, now i'm a huge fan of music and spotify just lets me feed mt addiction to untold levels, when i'm walking to work in the morning I will always have my headphones on blaring tunes, having all artists and songs at my fingertips is just so inviting and its awesome. I used to be a big advocate of buying CD's and burning them to my computer then transferring them to my Ipod, while I still will do this to support the bands I like, paying a small fee each month really doesn't bother me for literally access to hundreds of possible choices for music!

3. Nutri-ninja
Now this is one that has recently come into my possession, for christmas my brilliant girlfriend olivia decided to get me a nutri ninja blender, now I had been wanting one of these for so bloody long and when I finally opened the gift and saw it my inner fitness guru was pleased, So far I have found one really awesome smoothie recipe that has like all my five a day in it so i just make loads of it and just drink it like nothing, I might do a review on the actual product soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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