6 of the Most Innovative Gadgets in 2016

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If like me, you are a massive tech-fan, then I am sure that when everyone else around you is getting over-excited about their New Years’ resolutions, the only thing on your mind is the CES over in Las Vegas. The annual event is held immediately after New Year and showcases a whole host of amazing gadgets and trends which will fascinate and intrigue us over the coming year.
This year was certainly no different and I found myself glued to their website over the course of the last week, desperate to get a glimpse of the latest gadgets entering the market; I would just like to point out that these are usually the most recent and ground-breaking gadgets and therefore probably cost more than most of us can afford. Still, there is no harm in dreaming, is there?
For those of us who are on something of a more restricted budget, you may have noticed an unprecedented increase in the number of robot toys and quadcopters currently being exhibited on Britain’s streets and skies; it is hardly surprising that there have been various reports that exports of Chinese-made drones has increased nine-fold.
I have decided to put together some of the most inspiring gadgets that I encountered as well as some of my own personal favourites in general.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT
Cobra DSP 9200 BT
If you are a car driver then this one is going to be of particular interest to you; the Cobra DSP 9200 BT is a device which cleverly syncs with your smartphone for your daily commute to work and warns you when you are approaching a speed camera or red light camera. While I am not suggesting that any of you would ever break the law, it is handy for those times when you need that extra peace of mind and are looking to ensure that you don’t end up with 3 points on your licence and £100 out of pocket.

Ricoh Theta S
If you are a football fan then when you hear the word, ‘Ricoh’ you will immediately think of the home of Coventry City Football Club. However, Ricoh are also a Japanese multinational company. Luckily for us gadget-lovers they have come up with this stunning handheld camera that captures 360-degree spherical images surrounding the user.  The camera is incredibly lightweight and captures high-resolution spherical images of almost 14 megapixels; this really is pretty impressive, it has to be said.
If you commute to work by bicycle then this one is going to be of particular interest to you. The ShareRoller is a nifty device that enables you to turn any ordinary bike into an electric bike. The device only weights 2.5kg and only takes a few seconds to be fitted to any bike, whether it is a mountain bike, road bike or a cruiser; it can be carried in your bag, laptop bag and briefcase. I am expecting this to become massive in the next few years, remember you saw it her first. Kind of!
Is it a light bulb or is a wireless hotspot? Both! Li-Fi is the potential successor to Wi-Fi and ensures that every light bulb in the world could be used as a wireless hotspot for electronic devices with a data speed of our around 1GB per second- that is 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi speeds that can be achieved.
It was first introduce by German physicist Harald Haas, a professor at the University of Edinburgh back in 2011. Don’t be surprised to see this one becoming more well-known over the next couple of years.
Active Listening Earbuds
These earbuds, developed by Doppler Labs, allows you to modify the world around you and adjust the volume of different objects, animals and even people! It is possible to download an app to turn down the volume of the person sitting next to you, a noisy car engine or plane. It is also possible to turn up the volume as well if you are ever in a noisy environment and needs that extra bit of noise level.
Google’s Solar-Powered Contact Lenses
Google’s continued innovation appears to know no bounds and once again they continue to wow and impress us tech-lovers. Google has been awarded a U.S patent for solar powered contact lenses with a difference.
They are powered by the sun and offer some impressive functions, which I am sure you will agree, set Google apart from the rest of their competition. The lenses are able to monitor an individual’s body temperature and blood-alcohol level, while also notifying them when there are potential hazards in the area. As well as this the lenses also communicate with all your other gadgets and can even authenticate your identity.
It goes without saying that there is certainly going to be an upsurge in people requesting eye test with these bad boys!


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