Black - Song review

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Well I'm a little late on this review but i am happy to be writing this, I've always been a fan of AA, when I started listening to more metalcore stuff these and BMTH were the two main bands that stood out to me. 'Black' is the newest released song off of the new album titled 'The Black' and is the band's first full length album with new singer Denis Shaforostov.

The song itself in my opinion is awesome, the band themselves have matured alot since 'Stand Up and Scream', gone are the endless breakdowns which is a plus in my opinion. The song draws some clear inspiration from the new BMTH sound (which many have complained about!), with synths playing a big part of the overall sound. when I first heard about this song I was eager to hear something more heavy from the band which i think 'Undivided' and 'I wont give in' did not do.

As soon as the song kicks its just pure riffage, I was instantly a fan. There's nothing like a song that has a solid riff throughout that just lets you bop your head to it and this song does that. the initial vocals are quite aggressive which is also pretty awesome, another thing that this song does really well is the chorus. Big, anthemic and definitely one that will stick in your head, at first I didn't like the whole repeated syllable parts but they have definitely grown on me now and I just cant help but sing them. about three quarters through the song the whole feel of the song shifts down a tone and goes into this soft mellow part, its a perfect shift and works really well, whereas old AA would've gone into mega-breakdown they've now grown up and made a more musical piece rather than something to just bang your head.

Overall this song has really made me excited for the new album and I cant wait to hear the rest of it, if every other song has the same vibe as 'Black', then this will be AA's best album to date.


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