Parcel For Me - The next-gen app

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Well today I bring you another great little post, Today I am talking about a new app called 'Parcel For Me'. Parcel For Me is a new way in which users can buy items, checkout and then track them items, all while selecting a delivery time that best suits the user, Check out the video below for some more info!

From what I can see of the app it looks like it is a whole lot easier to use than that of when you normally check out with any shop online, countless times have I had to go through the hassle of having to input all of my details and bank account details just to order something small, this obviously does deter me some of the time because no one really wants to do so much for something so little, as said in the video the easier the actual process of ordering something then the more customers who will come back, I truly believe this as I probably would do this myself. So I can definitely see this app taking off when it is actually released because it is a good idea that is solving a common problem that people are facing and I have seen enough dragons den to know that if you are facing a consumers problem and making it easy then you have a great business idea. 

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