Sades SA-708 Review

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I have been meaning to write a post about these headphones for sometime now but just have never gotten around to it, well I have finally decided to review them, so sit back, strap in and prepare to read about the Sades headset.

Now right off the bat this headset is a gaming headset through and through, and it does that so well. Its sturdy design, its colour scheme, everything about it just boasts gamer, When I originally brought this pair, I was in the market for a pair of standard headphones that would do the job until I had enough to afford a more expensive pair like Razer's or Turtle Beach's, after using this headset for a couple of hours I knew I wouldn't need to buy another, the single greatest thing about these headphones is the fact that they are so cheap, I picked up mine for a measly £15 on amazon and for gaming headsets thats very cheap. They look great, feel great and really do sit comfortably on my head, a definite bargain if you wouldn't want to shell out for something that could be so cheap.

The actual hardware consists of a headset that is made of plastic with a black and blue finish  (can be red), this can then be connected to a computer by one of two 3.5mm jack inputs, this headset uses two inputs instead of one, so theres one for headset input and one for microphone input. The wire is a good length as well so dont worry about wearing these and moving around a bit, even if you were to, the wire is quite durable so no sweat there.

The microphone which can be rotated into the actual headset is incredibly clear for something in this price range, again making these more worth the money than the pricier options out there, I have never had a problem with people being able to hear me, sometimes it has actually been the opposite, i'll do something across the other side of my room while on Skype and it'll still pickup the smallest sounds, its still amazing quality though.

Another great fact is these sound great while playing music too! You'll notice this the first time you use them, its just amazing the crispness of the sound is something brilliant and have used these a couple of times when recording music, so yes they are of studio quality in my opinion

This is a great pair of headphones and are definitely worth every penny, I would say that they are better than the pricier options and would actually prefer them, especially as Sades do have the pricier models out there I can only imagine how these would be?

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