Should the Death Penalty be abolished?

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Well once in awhile on my blog I will find the time to actually write something topical and actually useful, today happens to be one of those times, after watching various documentaries about the death penalty and how it affects different  peoples lives it really inspired me to voice my opinions, and where better to do that then my own blog.

Should the death penalty be abolished? If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, I probably would have said 'Na, the people deserve it' or something stupid like that, I must admit I was very childish back then anyway, well now after actually taking time to think about all of the intricacies of everything needed when dealing with something so ultimate like death then I wholeheartedly believe that we should not be sanctioning death. The age-old argument of an eye for an eye still stands true here, the jury who decide to sentence the person to death, why are they any better than what the actual person has done (if they have actually done it), what gives them the right? Yes I can understand that sometimes in extreme cases that people will cry out for some form of redemption, but does this really need to happen all the time.

The death penalty in my eyes is such a barbaric tradition that really does not need to be included in a modern day society, we have far surpassed everything our ancestors have done, so why do we still follow there ancient and barbaric way of killing of criminals? it really doesn't make sense to me at all? We want to live in an idealistic, civilised society but still act like barbarians, what happened there.

The saddest part of the death penalty is that there is people that have been wrongly accused and still have been killed, I cant even begin to highlight the problems here. One story that really sticks out to me is one that was featured on the show "Life and Death Row" on BBC Three, it told the story of a man who had been chased by police after an altercation, the man in question had avoided a couple of spike strips set out by the police but tried to avoid a 3rd set  but swerved and hit the cop setting them, this man was sentenced to the death penalty mainly for killing a police officer. The reason was because the prosecution managed to persuade most people that he had intentionally hit the cop, but in my opinion it was not intentional, im not one to talk about law but I know in some states its more frowned upon to kill a cop then a civilian, how is this even fair? if the guy had killed a civilian he probably would not have been sentenced to death and would still be alive now, yes he did kill someone but was it an accident and should someones life really be the end goal

I really have changed my mind on the whole death penalty argument and I do believe that it should be abolished as it is such an ancient way of things and there is no real way to actually say if someone has done something and if they have who gave us the right to take their life, we are just placing ourselves int eh same shoes as the people who have committed the crime.


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