What keeps me motivated for fitness

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Hi there people, today I thought that I would write a post about ways that I keep motivated to workout and just general motivation stuff. Now everyone faces different challenges when it comes to fitness, one thing that I always (luckily) have been able to do, is to motivate myself to workout, I do on the other hand understand that sometimes you actually can't be bothered for whatever reason, we are only human at the end of the day, so I thought that I would compile a little list of tips and helpful things that really keep me motivated.

The first thing I would say would be to have an end goal in mind. I personally use this way all of the time, whenever I want to stop, I ask myself why I started? I didn't start working out to just carry on being the same as I am, I started to improve my body and my health. setting myself my own goal in my mind really helps me to focus and spur me on to really push for my goal, at the end of the day no one else is going to get you to your own goal apart from you. You can read as many posts about losing weight or watch as many videos but you are the only hurdle you need to overcome.

Looking at old pictures has always helped me to motivate myself even more, back in the day I used to be quite chunky kid, looking at this photo really does hone back in my head of why I started to look after my body, do this yourself, dig through your old photos and keep this as a mental note of what you looked like and compare it to yourself. When you see what you used to look like you'll definitely be inspired to keep going!

This ones for when you are working out, I am a big fan of heavy-ass music so what do you think helps me to push those extra reps? yup you guessed it...Heavy-ass music, I have a playlist made up of music that is just heavy as ever that makes me push myself, Its been scientifically proven that listening to music while working out actually does help you push harder and i've found it does distract you which is a bonus.

Now these are only a few of the ways that I keep motivated. these may be the same for you and they may all work or none may work, everyone is different, keep working at it, find something deep down that will spur you on and make you who you want to be!

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  1. I love a good fitness related post, I find surrounding myself with motivation a real boost i.e. following fitness accounts on Instagram, or setting goals :) Great post x