Apple VS The FBI

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Another topical little post right here, my blogs becoming pretty adult haha well today I thought that I would talk about the recent battle in the technological world, if you don't know then this is the battle between Apple and the FBI, basically The FBI have asked Apple to make a new version of IOS that allows them to backdoor in and bypass the lock screen thus allowing them into people's phones.

The main reason that I have found is that they want to be able to get into certain phones of certain people because this could help stop future attacks on the world, one example the BBC give on their website is that the FBI asked Apple to unlock the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook (he killed 14 people in december), Apple declined this and said that they would not make any changes. While I am sure many people will say that this is such a bad idea and that we have our privacy for a reason, I kind of agree with the FBI and the governments on this front, Sure I understand that some of our private data might be known to people but isn't it worth it to stop bad people doing bad things? Is there really a need to be completely invisible to everyone, this is exactly what terrorists and other people who kill need to keep doing what they are doing. If you are doing something that requires complete invisibility then is that really something that you should be doing at all?

Personally while I believe in having privacy and everything that comes with it we do also need some form of protection as we become increasingly dependent on technology.


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