How to eat healthier when ordering takeaway

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Now if you are like me then you love to eat and breathe a healthy lifestyle, I try my hardest to do this but sometimes time just doesn't help, sometimes when you live a busy lifestyle time just happens to fly by and before you know it you've got no time to actually make any food and you just end up ordering something in, I myself admit to doing this, especially with a full time job sometimes I work late and cannot be asked in anyway to get home and cook a whole meal for me and my girlfriend (not to say we eat badly all the time) but sometimes it cannot be avoided.

One thing that I have found that is helpful is to plan out what I shall eat throughout the week or when I am doing the shopping so then I know what I have to do when I get in and won't have to fart-arse around  with thinking about what I want to eat, so this is my first little tip is plan your meals!! Secondly if you do find yourself having had a bad day at the office and you get home and really really cannot be asked to make anything and you think to yourself  "I could just order a Takeaway?",  then I say why not, as long as you dont make it a habit, use it like a treat.

When you do order look for some of the healthier alternatives in takeaway restaurants. The NHS website has a great little list of these options here Just remember it is a treat and you won't make a habit of it because that would not be very helpful for you in the long term. Anyone that tells you that you HAVE to eat 100 million percent of the time has obviously not ever enjoyed a great kebab or a nice burger and chips (with salad of course). Just try to make time because most of the time your body will thank you for what you put into it!


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