Living on a budget, The healthy way

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Well I have been asked to write a post on healthy eating on a budget, well when I cam across this first I thought this is perfect for me as I am a student who lives away from home and is trying to eat healthily. Through two years of University I have found many things that work well with eating healthily and diet and things that don't work well. So i'll list some here and you can hopefully take it on board.

First of all let me say that most healthy food today will cost more than that of the overproduced food, that is because it is cheaper to make and so the stores can sell it for less, so for instance if you wanted some beef burgers, cheaper ones will obviously help out your money situation but not your health situation (cheaper having more chemicals and bad stuff in than fresh), so its important to try and find a middle ground between healthy and pricey. I have found that you can make various healthy meals on a budget for instance, If I go to my local supermarket I can buy some sweet potato's, giant mushrooms, Peppers, cheese and breadcrumbs for under £5 and this is alot healthier than say buying a microwave meal for £3, Thats just one recipe but the beauty of cooking is finding what works for you on you own budget. I personally love pasta and so have kinda horded that this year and have had pasta based meals alot, this is a good cheap alternative because pasta can be bought in bulk for so little. Sauces for the pasta can be made relatively easy with minimal produce, so again allows for less money to be spent. This is another tip, Buying in bulk. This allows you to get three or four meals out of something when if bought individually would have cost way more. most things can be bought in bulk so definitely do it. NEVER EVER EVER buy the store brand food, as cheap as it is, I cant highlight how bad it is for you. Its full of chemicals and will probably make you sick, I once bought a lasagne for 25p and did I regret it. I tipped it and it slugged out and was full of water and other crap.

My main tips would be to eat fresh and frequently, don't go shopping hungry as this will increase your impulse buys of sugary foods, and just enjoy the food you make, Its a personal lesson you'll learn over time, how to eat healthier on a budget. I learnt this and can now spend around £20 for a weekly shop with healthier options available. Stay healthy


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