The Black - Album review

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I have been looking forward to this albums release ever since AA premiered their new sound with 'I won't give in', as soon as this album dropped I was straight onto spotify to listen to it, needless to say AA have been one of my favourite bands for some time now and this just album just made me really excited. This is the first full length album since Danny Worsnop left the band and Denis Shaforostov replaced him.

My first thoughts on the album was how varied it is, there is so much diversity on the album, there's some real heavy points which is pure old school AA and the such and then there's points where they have made some real awesome melodies and soft parts, from the first time listening to it the tracks that have really stood out to me are 'Just a slave to Rock n' Roll' and 'Gone', ones a heavy rock styled song and the other, a really peaceful ballad accompanied by strings and pianos, it works so well, its brilliant and its all AA, Another favourite is 'The Lost Souls' this one has the most menacingly creepy intros I think I have heard in a long time. The great song this album can be enjoyed by fans of really any kind of music, if you like heavy music then listen to 'Circled by the wolves, Just A Slave To Rock n' Roll', if you like slightly more pop-y music then 'Send me home' is the one for you'. Are ballads your thing? 'Here I am' is one that screams ballad, the strange thing is that it all does feel like AA's own swing on the different genres its so weird but so awesome at the same time

All in all this album is brilliant it really does show some awesome musical diversity and can really be appreciated by all listeners, old or young, it really does show how far AA have come in terms of progression, I would definitely rate this album highly just because it does so much so well, I remember when AA where a laughing stock in the metal world because people were just like"it's all chugging 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0", oh how that has changed. Definitely give this album a listen on youtube or whatever just go and listen people, big thumbs up from me!


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