Three hacks to make life simpler!

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So the other day I had a really cool idea for a post, basically everyday I use some form of lifer hack in my life so I thought why keep these from everyone? Why not post them up so that everyone can use them and benefit from their awesomeness', so without further ado get ready to make your life alot easier!

Life Hack #1

Now this one is one that I just recently discovered, have you ever been in a rush to leave in the morning but been incredibly hungry? If you have then dont worry I got you covered, for this hack all you need is some bread a slice of cheese and a toast, basically its to make the greatest cheese toastie in no time at all, its really simple all you do is make yourself a cheese sandwich then stick that beast straight into the toaster and toast it like you would normally. What this does is toasts the outside of the sandwich and leaves the middle soft but he cheese all nice a gooey, best quick breakfast ever! When it pops take it out and enjoy this simple breakfast life hackage!! :D

Life Hack #2

Number two is one that I have been using for some time now, this ones for everyone of those people who loves making their smoothies! Basically if you use a blender then you will know the struggles that comes when you try to clean them, trying to clean the blades without hurting yourself, getting all the parts and cups clean can be a pain, but FEAR NOT! all you need for this is a blender (obviously) some washing up liquid and water. When you have finished with your blender pour some washing up liquid into it, top with water, then just clip that bad boy on and hit the blend button. Watch in pure amazement as all dirt is instantly cleaned off all of the equipment and you are there laughing because you've save yourself the trouble. Brilliant right?

Life Hack #3

Do you constantly wear a shirt in which you roll your sleeves up? do the sleeves always seem to unroll themselves? does this annoy you? this simple trick will allow your sleeves to stay rolled up all day long with no movement so you can go ahead with your day. All you need for this is a hair bobble (the thinner the better), basically you fold your shirt up your arm and when you have it to a suitable length, then move the hair bobble up your arm to hole the roll in place, normally I fold the roll once more to keep the bobble from showing, the reason why I said to use a thinner bobble is because the thick ones can actually hurt your arms and restrict blood flow which im sure no one wants!

These are three of my favourite life hacks that I use the most, I might even write some more for you lovely people to see in the future as I discover more and more, because no matter who you are everyone appreciates a good life hack, So go enjoy your awesome cheese toasties while cleaning your blenders with ease with your shirts sleeves rolled up because awesome people are awesome and so are you!

Got any Lifehacks you want to share? let me know them below in the comments

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