Some tips for editing your photos

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It's been absolutely ages since i've even mentioned photoshop in one of my posts, but today I thought that I would break that cycle and do a little post that everyone can use. It's my little definitive guide on making your own pictures look better with minimal effort because let's be honest not everyone can spend ages on photos making them perfect adjusting colour mixes and everything else, so if you've never edited before and just want to make your photos stand out or you're just here for some free info then keep reading as i'll be conveying my best tips.

Learn your software
My first tip is a real simple one, whatever the program you are using, learnt that program, know how to use the different types of tools that are in your grasp, for instance I use photoshop when I edit photos. When I started out I knew how to use a couple of the basic tools but nothing else, doing reading online allowed me to lean and now I can say my actual photoshop knowledge has improved and it makes editing photos a whole bunch easier, if you hired someone to build you a house you wouldn't hire someone who didn't know how to use their own tools so whats different? knowledge is power people

Have a good base image
Use a good base image, this is one thing that I have started using recently, basically using images in your headers/photos not only make you posts look better but make them look a whole lot more professional, many bloggers that I have seen take their own photos and they look really awesome unlike other bloggers my photo taking skills aren't that good, this is where free photo websites come into play, i've tried many but the one that seems to have dozens of free images is Pixabay, no signing up needed or anything just totally free awesome photos!

Simplicity is key
I know what its like to have so many different awesome ideas that you want to try and convey to make your photos look that bit more awesome, many times I have had an image that looks fine but i have added to much to it and it starts to look a lot more messy, i'm here to tell you that your images can look a lot better by having a little on it, what this does is leaves one main focal point of the image thus helping your readers relate this image to the post for example if I was writing a post about healthy eating, a nice picture of one healthier option like salad or something would be better than having loads of different types of food and drink. Basically keeping it simple helps your readers.

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