A rise in childhood obeseity

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I just read a shocking little statistic, the statistic in question is in regards to childhood obesity and the rate at which it has increased. A study conducted by the WHO (World Health Organization) in january of this year has said that the number of children under five who are overweight or obese has risen from 31 million in 1990 to 41 million. This statistic really is a terrible figure.

Now there is a whole bunch of different factors that can make a child overweight or obese varying from living environments to the media to lifestyle of family members. Now one thing the government has done recently is to introduce the Sugar Tax in a bid to reduce the sugar intake of kids, while this is a good idea, I really think that it won't help in the long term of things, the reason why I think is, is because kids are now not spending a lot of time burning off the calories that they are consuming, as technology exponentially increases then kids are more likely not to go out, why would they when they have everything they need to right in front of them?

We as a society really need to start promoting more of a healthier active lifestyle to all kids in and out of schools, I can only imagine that kids will hear about active lifestyles in school and then go home where parents will do the exact opposite, we need to change our mindsets on the whole problem. Parents need to enforce the active lifestyle of kids more so than that of schools. Its not fair on kids to be taught that this way of living is the right way.


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