Cyberghost The free IOS app to improve security

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Hello there people! as some of you may know I am a huge security buff when it comes to online things, I cant stand not having my accounts secured and me being in control of all of them, so a little over a year ago I delved into the world of VPN's, the reason behind this was because as I feel our world becomes more entranced with technology that we must at least have some form of privacy online which surprisingly enough most people think they do but they actually dont, it's very easy for someone to "sniff" out your passwords from just using public wifi. This led me to do some research and I came across Cyberghost VPN. I have used it for just over a year now and can honestly say that its the most useful tool on my PC, you could only imagine my excitement when I got an email through saying they were making an IOS app!

Now iphones have always been quite secure but I never actually thought of the stuff that could be found out through browsing and what data could be public, long story short I managed to get into the beta for the app. The app is basically a VPN for your phone with a lot of cool added features:

  • Secure Wifi Hotspot - Allows you to block access to hackers from accessing sensitive data       while out and about on free wifi
  • Secured Streaming - Gets you secures access to all streaming sites like Youtube, Pandora, Hulu wherever you are no matter what country 
  • Surf anonymously - Allows full anonymity online hiding your IP and making you invisible
  • Save money - Reduces your carriers cost by compressing and caching all info and data coming into your phone

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is really easy to use as well, so someone who doesn't really know what to do can protect themselves as it is all clearly laid out and easily accessible, just a couple of swipes hit Start protection and you are off, simple as that, you can go a bit deeper under the bonnet and change the setting of countries your IP is routed through and stuff like that if you want to so it does satisfy the nerds out there as much as the casual user! Theres even little achievements that you get rewarded for doing things like being protected on 5 public wifis etc. One cool thing is that you can set it so it will automatically protect all of the wifis you connect to making it a lot simpler of a process then going through the app, it will run only when it needs to and protect you. It even has built in virus and malware protection.

As with most things these days though there is a paid part of this app, its not a heft price by no means but it does unlock all of the features mentioned above for full use so I would heavily recommend upgrading, it costs £22.99 for one whole year and to be honest thats not bad for full IOS protection.

This is an app that will now always be on my phone as long as I have it as security in this day and age is paramount.

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