Rainmeter: The easy way to customize your desktop

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hey guys, just here to tell you about this awesome piece of software I have found recently that lets you fully customise your desktop and make it the awesome hub of awesomeness that you have always wanted it to be, the piece of software is called Rainmeter and its absolutely free but it allows you to add all these cool user made widgets to your desktop making it more usable and completely to your liking, I have to admit when I first come across rainmeter I wasn't convinced but when I used it, like oh my god, what you can actually do with it is awesome, it will make you realise that windows isn't as good (from a desktop point of view) as it makes out to be.

 You can have all the info about your PC on the desktop with real time meters or have buttons that open certain programs all just a click away, The real beauty of it is that all of the content on it is fully customisable so if you know a tiny bit of coding then you can easily edit the fan made content to your desire, if not then there is a dozen things available for download on the deviantart site for rainmeter, think of your desktop not as a desktop with rainmeter you can turn it into a fully usable interactive environment!

If you really like customization and want to go past the standard windows way of doing things then go and download rainmeter now and see how good your desktop can actually be, below is a video I found showing you what power Rainmeter has.

Want to download rainmeter? here is the link for it

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