Virtual Reality - What's it all about?

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Luckily enough the other day I went to an event hosted by Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic for work and while I was there I got to try out VR for the first time in my life, if you haven't heard or know what VR is then let me explain.

VR stands for Virtual Reality, what it is in a nutshell is you put on some goggles and a 360 degree video is played and you can look around and actually feel like you're there. The version I tried was the Samsung variant, I would just like to say it was awesome!! As I put on the set I was put into space floating through the stars and you know what it did actually feel quite real, being able to look around really does give you this false sense of perception that your actually in the scene. 

There were various different scenes ranging from boat journeys to seeing an elephant head on, one of my favourites was one where a tribal guy was juggling fire in front of me, the actual quality was amazing so much so that it felt like he was standing there in front of me (in reality I was in a conference room surrounded by tons of people).

I feel one day it'll be the case where you'll be able to go to the movies, you'll get goven a headset to put on and when the movie starts you can watch it in full 360 and actually be the character which is probably the most awesome thing I can imagine (that would be awesome for horror fans) but yes VR is definitely the way of the future, and I cant wait for it to take off!!

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