Fitbit Blaze: My thoughts and opinions

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So it's been a good few weeks with no posts on my part so to that, I apologise but I am here again and this time I am writing about my newest favourite gadget, introducing the Fitbit Blaze *hold for applause*, ever since I heard about the fitbit range of activity trackers I have always wanted to get one, but could never afford/find the time to actually get around to getting one. Well that time is over know, recently I got the Fitbit blaze.

The Blaze is the newest release from Fitbit, a company that has released many activity/fitness trackers over the last couple of years and this one just shows how much time and effort they put into their products, while there are loads of positives about this product I also have some improvements that could be made to improve the watch overall as well (totally not biased :D), anyway onto the first point of mine. The look. Straight out of the box the Blaze looks awesome what you get is like all its predecessors. The watch is already waiting to go and all you need to do is put it on your wrist and hey presto! your off. There are dozens of different straps available to buy as well which is why I think that its so awesome, You can get a whole host of different colours of of amazon or patterns so it really is cool and customizable to what you want it to be like.

The actual watch though has a 1.66 inch 240 x 180 pixel LCD touchscreen. Like the apple watch this is where all the main functions take place, The watch otself is   


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