Your coffee could save the earth!

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So I know its been a long time coming (yet again haha) but have any of you seen that little ad on Channel 4 thats been going round about a new short called "Reverse Engineers" ? Basically it is a little short (about 8 minutes long) in which Rachel Riley, Jamie Laing and Alex Brooker open a mystery box DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! In this box is a new innovation of energy and they basically have to create a real world use for it, I think its high time that someone like channel 4 do something like this because not only could it help you know make an alternative to fuel and the such, but it could spark peoples interest in it and get them thinking about separate ways in which we could make energy. You never know it could inspire someone to make the next bio friendly fuel that we would then use everyday?

When I originally saw this ad as I was watching something on 4OD it really did spark my interest as it was something different, something beneficial but still entertaining, One episode has them trying to repurpose some ground coffee in some form of real world context. The expert behind this episode had the idea to create an inexpensive way to reuse used coffee thus making it another energy that we could possibly use which does not harm the earth. Who would've thought it 'ey, ground coffee being used as fuel. On a slightly lighter note the expert made a thing known as a coffee log which could be used for like fires and other things similar, I have to admit I did chuckle when I heard the word Coffee log for the first time :D

When you look at it, it really is quite an interesting little show as it really does get you thinking along the terms of different forms of energy innovation and how the things we take for granted could be reused or reconstituted into something else and possibly sustain us, plus save the earth. Go Team Green


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