2016 Tech Wishlist *

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Hello there people, well today I thought that I would do a Tech wishlist, basically me just listing some of my favourite gadgets that I have found online and would really like to try out. So without further ado here we go.

1. 4K Panasonic  TV
As a lover of TV's and having to sell them on a daily basis, I have to say this TV is pure brilliance, A stunning 4K Panel, HDR technology and quite possibly one of the nicest looking TV's ive seen in a long time. The actual stand is two triangular points on either side and the TV just floats! Awesome right! Oh and in comes with a free bar of sound (basically a soundbar).

2. VR gadgets
Now as technology improves and we become more dependant on it, I can really see VR taking off just like iphones have nowadays, VR is just completely amazing I cant really do it justice, its one of those things that when you try you're instantly converted, one day I hope for some VR cinema experiences which I think would be amazing.

3. GoPro Cameras
Simply put these cameras are now being used for everything and not just extreme sports, fusing real great quality recording with the added fact you can literally get attachments for basically anything make this a sure buy, even with the Hero 4 Black filming in 4K.

4. Drones
If you've not been under a rock for the past couple of years then you would've seen drones around everywhere, they have really taken off (pun intended). Why wouldn't you want your own controllable drone? some of these even come with built in cameras, its basically every teenage boy's dream to have one of these bad boys.


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