3 tech-based ways of displaying photos *

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Hi there guys. Now i'm sure we all have photos around our house regardless of how old we are or how long we have lived there, photos make a house a home and definitely make it feel a lot more homely, what I am going to get across today is just some different ways that you might be able to view photos around your home using technology!

The first way I would say is very out there but still handy, got a smart tv? got some friends round? want to show off you holiday snaps, just get the companion app for your tv and just send over your photos and view them full size and in all the glorious detail of the big screen, you'll be able to show off your fancy features of your TV and make your friends jealous of them amazing holiday you went on not too long ago.

Leading nicely on from that is the next best way if you don't have a smart TV, I'm sure you would have heard of digital photo frames, no longer do you need just one picture, you can have an assortment saved onto a memory stick or USB and just let it play through all of the photos and have an ever changing photo experience based on what you like.

The last way again slightly techier but still a very awesome way and that most people already do, Instead of using frames why not just print out your pictures and stick them to the wall. This is probably the most creative way on the list as it really is up to you how and where you stick the photos, you can group photos in so many ways that really means something to you, so for personalization this comes out tops, the video below just kinda shows how this can be achieved.


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