Are children too addicted to technology?

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So I have just read a news article about primary children who are now entering their first years of school but lack basic speech and hygiene skills but can unlock a smartphone. To me this is a very shocking statistic, I mean the rate of which kids are using technology these days is insane, the article quotes that 79% of kids tested now lack the social skills they need to have to be at the expected level when they enter school.

I do think that this is such a shame because  as much as I love technology and will swear by it, I really do think that children are being introduced to it too early on in their lives. Children these days are so caught up in the realms of the online world that it is is denting their own interpersonal skills, now I am no psychologist or anything, I am just going on my own views and opinions of the situation. I think it's terrible that a child would probably be more likely to want to sit at home and go online rather than go outside and play around with other kids or anything else. Another thing is that the internet is such a 'Un-policeable' setting, Think about it, the more kids that go online really dont have the skills to actually differ from what is right and wrong online, the easier it is for predators to target them. In my opinion there really does need to be more strict rules or safeguards in place for kids online.

I understand that there really is no way to avoid it as technology is prominent in all households now and it is not going away but people need to do more to help kids develop in terms of social skills and in terms of what happens in the real world


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