Graze: My First impressions!

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So as everyone knows I am a huge fan of eating healthy and eating clean, well the other day I decided to sign up for Graze, Now if you have never heard of Graze before then let me explain. Graze is a company that send you out a little box of customised snacks every couple of weeks or so.

Now I have always seen the Graze ads on TV and all over the internet but I never really stopped and thought whether I actually was interested in it or not.I always thought it was rubbish but OH how I was wrong. The Thought came to me when I was in work eating my lunch and I was buying Graze products everyday and paying a stupid amount of money for them, I thought why am I paying like £1.20 for something when I could get a box sent out to me every couple of weeks and save some money, so as soon as i got home I went onto their website and signed up. 

The actual website is brilliant, really easy to use and really awesome, signing up is as easy as ever and the great thing is that you're constantly reminded that you only get charged once the box has actually been sent out( which is awesome) You pay for what you get!!. In terms of what actually in the box, is completely up to you! Yes Graze do offer various different boxes packed with different snacks such as Variety, Protein and light but the real magic comes from the fact that you can individually go through each snack and say whether you like, love, hat or want to try it. This will obviously factor into future boxes so i think this is real handy, also every box is random so it really does keep it interesting! I have currently had one box that consisted of  Strawberries and cream yoghurt topper, Cocoa and vanilla flapjack, Punchy protein Nut and Louisiana Wild rice and beans. All of the snacks were brilliant and really actually fit quite well into packed lunches! They also cater to allergies and teh like as well so no worries there! 

Another addition to this is that if you really want loads you can change the frequency  in which you get sent the boxes, I have one every two weeks but I may change to one every week soon so that I've got some snacks for my lunch all the time. I would highly recommend these boxes to everyone as an alternative to chocolate bars or unhealthier snacks as these are really good for you and taste so nice. 

Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free using the code : LUKED97NB 


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