Why have I been so quiet

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Well hello there random person reading this post, if you are an avid reader of my blog (which I doubt many people are) then you would've recently realised that I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front as of the past couple of months, there was no real reason for this, it just kinda fell off a bit due to work and other things happening.

This post is to basically say thanks to everyone who still takes the time to read my posts and even visit my blog because it really is awesome just to see one view on my blog let alone like 10,20,30 etc. With blogging I have always found that sometimes I just dont have the motivation to do it for a bit, so rather the  just grind out posts I just take a little break, ready to come back and write some awesomeness.

SO again if you do read my blog then I apologise for the break but it feels right to bring it back now! So expect some form of activity on this space and on my twitter in the coming weeks!

Keep it awesome guys!



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