I signed up to Infinity Crate!

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So the other day I decided to do something I had always wanted to do but never actually did, I signed up to a subscription box. For those who dont know what one of these is, let me explain very briefly. You pay a fee per month and the company send you out a box of stuff that is random but fits with a certain theme, now I have seen a massive increase in these kinds of boxes ranging from healthy things to sweets and everything in between.

I originally was going to sign up for lootcrate (as they were the ones I had heard a lot about) but when I went on to their website I found out you payed for all of your boxes in one then they would send them out in the coming months, whereas I didnt want to do this, so i looked around for a bit and managed to find a company called Infinity Crate, now the reason I signed up to these guys was because not only is it cheap (£16.99 for the standard box, £23.99 for the premium) but when you sign up you write in what your favourite shows, films, comics, gadgets etc are amd then the stuff they sen ypu will be in relation to this, So this just makes everything in the box random but still customisable to what you like. Another benefit is you get a guaranteed Tee and POP figure with every box, so like that is just pure awesome!

Since I signed up I have been waiting eagerly to receive my first box because I know it will be awesome and I just cant wait, when I do receive it I will be posting a review up on my blog so keep checking back for that.

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