Mixing the old with the new?

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So everyone like mixing the old with the new right? Its the way so much goes these days old things coming back round full circle and making their way into popular culture nowadays, well thats exactly what HP have done recently to showcase their new range of HP Business Printers

HP invited 10 bloggers down to (im guessing a secret location?) to mix old with the new do a new take on the generation game having the printer take up the mantle of the conveyor belt and having the bloggers remember as many of the printed pictures as possible. While this is all a bit of fun it really does showcase the speed of which the new printers can print at, in almost 10 seconds I can see the printer has printed 10+ pages. By modern printing standards I think that this is pretty impressive. Technology is advancing and moving so much faster as time goes on, its only a matter of time before we have robot butlers and servants!

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