Noddy's Toyland Detective

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Hi there guys, today I am going to review the Noddy Toyland Detective app. When I was originally contacted to try this app out I was a bit apprehensive as I knew that this app was more geared towards young children and not a 22 year old, but I thought why not, what bad could come from trying it at least.The app itself is made by Kuato Studios who after some initial research seem to make apps aimed at the younger audiences nevertheless I downloaded the app with an open mind ready for anything.

 The app itself sees you control Noddy driving around Toyland in his little car and completing minigames to then progress through the game and achieve interactive storybooks (from what I can tell), I do have to agree though the actual free roaming style of the app is actually pretty fun, it literally lets you explore to your hearts content and the map is quite extensive, you have free reign to go where you want, if I was a kid playing this I could imagine I would be totally engrossed in the huge, colourful world of Toyland. You can even customise the car you are driving around in which is again another little awesome thing which I originally didn't expect. I decided to put Flame decals on my car because noddy needs to look badass.

The overall art style of the app is akin to the likes of the show so if a child is a big fan of the noddy tv show then i'm sure they will really enjoy this game. As a 22 year old I can honestly say this app does have some fun features for me, although made for younger audiences I cant see why people my age or older cant enjoy this game, while some of the minigames may be easier its still fun and can kill some time or even if your child is playing the game join them, I can say I have had some fun playing this game and probably will find myself back on this when I need to kill some time. 

Noddy Toyland detective can be purchased for £2.99 on the IOS app store here 


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