Razer BlackWidow Chroma Review

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So a couple of months ago a friend of mine from work was selling a brand new Razer keyboard and mouse. I had never used a Razer product before but having seen the price of each item I thought I could not pass this offer as it was so cheap. Anyway I proceeded to buy them off of my friend and my oh my was I not disappointed, let me explain...

The first thing I noticed when I got the keyboard out of the box was the actual weight of it, now its not heavy by any means but compared to my old Red Dragon keyboard this thing was like its older stronger brother, The keyboard itself felt very sturdy and very well made (which you obviously want). This thing was a mechanical keyboard as well, which if you are a gamer then these are gold!(that noise ooh that noise).

The next thing I noticed was the actual USB connection, unlike others I had used before there was 2 USB connections and a headphone/mic jack, I soon found out that these are for the signal pass-through. What this does is it allows headphones USBs to be plugged directly into the keyboard so you can avoid plugging them directly into the PC.

Once I had plugged it into my PC, my computer I was prompted to downloaded the "Razer Synapse" app. This program is single handedly in my opinion the best app on my pc, What it allows is full customisation of my keyboard whether that be the colour of keys, what they do, how they react to certain things, the possibilities are actually endless. The most fun thing to do is to just mess around with the colour combinations. The actual editor uses something that is reminiscent  of a basic photoshop. You can also download custom made light combos. Ive found a couple of cool ones like pacman and a ghost and the matrix. All of these are available via the Chroma apps store.

Another handy feature useful for gamers is the Stats page. This tracks all of the information (keys you've pressed) for individual games so if you re into your competitive gaming you can really get into the nitty gritty of what you're pressing and how often all accompanied by graphs.

One of the extra things I love with this keyboard as well is that because Razer have uploaded the SDK for the keyboard online any developer can make apps for the keyboard whenever they like, so far I have found the snake game (yes I can play snake on my keyboard) and the audio visualiser this one is my most used as it makes the lights on my keyboard react to the music that im listening to and just generally looks awesome!

I would recommend Razer products to every gamer out there they feel professional and have all of the information needed to really improve peoples gaming! If you can afford the slightly high price point then go for it because I can almost guarantee you wont be upset!


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