Beast Rope Review

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So a couple of weeks ago I was sent over the Beast Rope to review, it's actually could not have come at a better time as I have started to properly get back into my fitness, The beast rope is made by a company aptly named Beast Gear and they produce a range of different fitness related products all geared towards making your workouts the best they can be.

The rope itself came in a storage bag emblazoned with the company logo, which is quite nice as after using it it makes storing it a lot easier! The rope itself is not actually a rope, it's made of steel, well a really lightweight steel, this really helps as I have found it to be incredibly durable and strong. So not only lightweight and flexible but very strong and able to withstand some wear and tear. Brilliant. Now some people may ask why spend money on this rope when you can get a cheaper one elsewhere? well to these people I would say that this rope has some extra benefits,

One of the main ones is that this rope is adjustable so anyone can actually use it tall or small, adult or child. On either side of the rope there are little twist screws which you can adjust to how big you need the rope to be. Another nice little addition that this rope has as opposed to normal leather or plastic ropes is that in the handles there are a strong ball bearing mechanism that just make the movements of the actual rope a lot smoother and thats what you need when you are skipping
(an infographic off of the Beast Gear website) 

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If you want to purchase any beast gear or just read into them a bit more then check the website out below


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