Mr Lee's Noodles review

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Ever get the urge to eat something but can't be bothered to cook anything? if you answer is yes to this then keep reading! Recently I was given the chance to try out a new idea, a first for instant noodles, something really awesome. What could be that amazing, I hear you ask, well let me explain. Three words Mr. Lees. Noodles. I would really recommend watching the company video on youtube because it really puts some context behind the brand and why they decided on healthy noodles!

The first thing I noticed when getting these cups of noodles out of the box was the design, each flavour has its own colour and each cup is emblazoned with the company's logo, on further inspection of the cups, you can read about each of the noodles and whats inside see all of the nutrional information, one of the main points I love is the fact that these are really low calorie pots so if you are watching what you eat these are great. I also actually really like the 'tongue in cheek' attitude to the information as well, it kinda doesn't take itself too seriously which I think is brilliant.
Onto the taste, like all good cup noodle products out there all you need to do is add boiling water, replace the lid, let is sit for three minutes and boom instant noodles, now the great difference about these noodles is the fact that all of the good stuff inside is freeze dried which helps lock in the flavour, as opposed to the likes of pot noodles for instance which taste 'artificial' (to me anyway). All of the noodles I have tried thus far have been very nice and filled me up which normally doesn't happen when I have other products. 

Now it wouldn't be a fair review without some of my own ideas of how to improve the product, they're quite simple things to be honest. I did find that the ridge which you fill the water up to was too high most of the time and found the noodles much more enjoyable when I filled the cup a couple of inches under the line, the other is that I did find is that the material of the cup sometimes made it hard to actually take of the lid, thus making you either have to cut of the lid making replacing it when having added boiling water a bit harder.

Overall I am a huge fan of Mr Lee's noodles and look will definitely be buying these in the future because I love healthy, quick food that is not only nutritious but tastes great!  
PS they sent some chopsticks over as well so extra brownie point for them :D

To try some of these great noodles (which I totally reccomend) Head over to

Unfortunately they are only available through web order at the moment but I hope they'll be in shops in the future as this is something I would actually buy!!


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